Jack Spirko on Modern Survivalism

Jack Spirko of the Survival Podcast stops by to educate Ol' Two Beers on Modern Survivalism. We also talk about Jacks background, the beginnings of his podcast, and where the future may very well lead us.

Both Jack and I spend alot of time talking on this podcast about many of the shortcomings of our modern society and how our ability to handle crisis is limited. Jack also details the differences of our grandparents ability to handle the Great Depression differs from our current generation, and how this particular financial bomb will have more of an impact on our society...

But the episode is not all Fear and Loathing in 2010... the episode is actually uplifting and optimistic. Jack speaks as though he's come from the future and he is here to spread the good news... that we all live in the end, and we manage to lean on our brothers in hard times and we get through this.

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