Ferfal IS... the INconvenient Truth. Within the realm of possibility is the scenario where chaos erupts and social unrest leads to a violent chain of events. Also within the realm of possibility is the scenario where very little happens and crime just ticks up just a bit. Nobody knows the future and everyone's view of what will happen are mere probabilities at the moment (although some probabilities have much higher chances of being realized).

In this podcast I lay the groundwork for why I think we will suffer a collapse of some sort, either a big or small one. Then we delve into what happens, how to prepare, what being 'one minute too late' means, and other topics. It was a great discussion and I welcome everyones input as to what they think will happen and why.

Ferfal's book Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse which has a rating of 4.5 Stars on Amazon.com


You can email at twobeerswithsteve(at)hotmail.com, replace the (at) with an @ when emailing, this is my way of averting thousands of spam emails.

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