Hooked On Growth with Dave Gardner

Have we come to the tipping point of exponential growth or do we still have room to run? If we have more room to run, then how much further out is the tipping point?

These are serious questions that we should be asking. The conversation needs to be started and Dave Gardner is trying to put it on the agenda. With his soon to be released film 'Hooked On Growth", filmaker David Gardner asks the question that no one wants to hear, 'Do we really want/need more growth?'. In this hard hitting interview with Dave Gardner we dissect the side effects of an unsustainable growth path.

While it is very true that growth has provided our planet with incredible technology and innovation, Dave Gardner explains that we need to re-examine where we are at the moment and develop a more balanced approach to growth in the future. The idea is not to abandon our current system but to look beyond the end of our noses and peer into the future of where we headed.

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