For a long time I have been receiving complaints of my Facebook page telling me that they couldn't access my Facebook page. I poo-poo'd there complaints as technical errors on their part when in fact it turns out it was mine. The default settings on Facebook only allowed US users of Facebook to become fans, you have to switch that setting manually to allow International users to become fans. So I did that and now my Canucks and Aussies can come play with us.

So there it is. I apologize. But if I was to play the blame game, I would blame Facebook for underestimating the International appeal of Two Beers With Steve....

By the way. While I'm offering Mea Culpa's I should also mention that when you comment to this site it has to go through an approval process first. The reason being is that I get about 3-4 bogus postings a day to this site. It is better for everyone if I screen the postings first to avoid 36 posts advertising ugg boots, and safety vests. The best way to make contact with me is always my email I answer all emails... eventually.


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