I finally reached the point at which I feel the need to tell Two Beers Nation that I have taken a long extended leave of absence. I have an episode ready to publish but the editing touches have seemed too much like work in the past month, so I've ignored my internet duties. 

I'll be back and I think the conversation will evolve. I think long time listeners and philosopher kings know where I am headed next... towards the solution, onward and upwards.

At the moment I am clearly way behind the eight ball for which I put myself under. Many of my current projects are firmly in line with the goals of my show and what I've talked about for the last two years. I need to be part of the society pursuing an answer, I don't need to be part of the society that groans and mumbles about what 'they are doing to us'. 

Part of the answer I am pursuing is to immerse myself into building a community that has their eyes on a very different future. It is going to be a very long and slow process and will require alot of me. I apologize for the absence but I have not 'gone away', there are plenty of great podcasts to keep you busy until I get my groove-on again.



Freedomain Radio


Common Sense with Dan Carlin

Truth About Markets with Max and Stacey

Get back to work,


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