Erik Townsend stops in to discuss the financial markets and give his viewpoint of what it is like to be living in Hong Kong.

This episode could easily be a two-part episode. The first half hour is spent giving our roundtable a different angle on China and Hong Kong than what we Westerners see in popular media. It was truly an eye-opening discussion as I had this idea of China being a country with little identity besides rice patty fields and toy factories.

The second part, which encompasses about an hour of discussion, focuses on the financial markets. Erik chats with us about his investment strategy, hint: he is a speculator, and what that strategy means as far as what tools he uses and his investment duration. After a few moments of strategy the conversation turns to an overview of where we have been and where we are now.

Great episode and it was great to have all the seats at the roundtable filled.

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