Dave Pollard on Complexity

Dave Pollard, author of the How To Save The World blog, joins me in an episode dedicated to our Culture of Dependency and how our civilization has evolved into a highly complex system that lacks the resilience to handle the multiple crises that we now face.

This episode examines the structure of our complex society and how it has been a product of an era of abundant cheap energy (ie. petroleum oil). We also discuss overshoot and what that means to future societies. Along those same lines we talk about a transition to steady-state economics (while hashing out the probability of it ever being implemented).

A truly enjoyable guest and a great episode. Thank you all for listening. Towards the end of this podcast we talk about how the listening and reading community is as much a part of the New Revolution as the speakers and writers.

-Ol' Two Beers

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Books mentioned:

Dave Pollards Book Finding the Sweet Spot

The Upside of Down by Thomas Homer-Dixon

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