My guest this week was Aaron Lucich, the film-maker of the upcoming film 'We Are What We Eat'. Aaron also is a public speaker on the subject of Organic Food.

In our interview we, of course, covered many topics but mainly centered the ideas that are in his film. We talked about the need for more sustainable and natural growing of food rather than the industrial model of farming which is wasteful and ultimately unsustainable. We talk about the best methods of reaching out to the masses and consider options that could be used on a large-scale (beyond the small pockets of already aware citizens). We also talked about eating lifestyles such as Weston A Price and Vegan.

At the end of this podcast I added on another seperate podcast that is just of myself, Steve Patterson, that you will enjoy. I rant and rave like a madman, but not really. I just jotted down a few things I wanted to say, turned on the microphone, and riffed for a good 35 minutes. Let me know what you think of my random thoughts, and if you feel it necessary you can email me at twobeerswithsteve(at)

Bob Cannard Video Interview From the Aaron Lucich Facebook Page... a must see.


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